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MLS 101: Colorado Rapids Edition

After freshening up on my Colorado Rapids history, I have come to the realization that they are undoubtedly the worst side in MLS history. Despite being a founding member of the league, they have never won a trophy of any type. They did make it to two finals (1997 MLS Cup and 1999 US Open Cup), but they choked both times.

What has been their problem? Well, it sounds simple, but to win, you must score goals, and the Rapids hardly ever do so. Pablo Mastroeni has played in over 100 games for COL, but has only scored once. Paul Bravo and Chris Henderson were the only two real offensive threats this team has ever had. I don’t envy Gary Smith’s job one bit. 

I do like the Rapids though and I wish they would overcome their terrible past. I have family in Denver, so I root for the squad, and I must say I think their sky blue away kits are perhaps the best in MLS. It’s hard cheering for an underachiever though, and maybe that’s why Colorado usually finishes near the bottom of the league in attendance.

The Rapids play at the Dick (Dick’s Sporting Goods Park), which has provided me with plenty of bawdy jokes on this site. The professor has one question for all of you though. What happened to Christian Gomez, the former MVP the Rapids acquired last year and then refused to play at season’s end? It’s an enigma, much like the Rapids themselves.