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STO WAGS of the World: Bianca Kajlich

The Beauty: For a few years now, Bianca Kajlich has sort of been labeled the only “real” American WAG. It’s not because she is the only beautiful lady on a US Nat’s arm. It’s because she’s the only one with a profession (actress) in the public eye. She’s appeared in several feature films and logged considerable time on the tube as well. They always seemed like a good match to me, but I – frankly – know nothing. Thus, back in July came news they were separating.

The Beast: Donovan is the best American soccer player of his generation. When properly motivated, his speed and silkly smooth dribbling style have been the annoyance of many a defender. He’s still young, but he already has the scoring record and he will likely smash the appearances record if he stays healthy. Plus, he’s literally tearing up MLS as a one-man show in LA. He still may make his mark over in a top European league too, we will have to wait and see.

The Bard: I am sad to see LD and Bianca having problems, so this ode probably sucks: 

The fact that America has only had one celeb soccer couple is not that alarming.

In the US, soccer ain’t too popular and Quarterbacks play the role of Prince Charming.

But fans of the beautiful game in America also longed to satisfy their WAG fix.

Luckily for Sam’s Army, Bianca arrived just before midnight on New Year’s Eve 2006.

Many months and several games and shows later, their marriage will be amicably quit.

I hope the best for them both, but especially Landon so our 2010 chances will be legit.