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STO WAGS of the World: Luli Fernandez

The Beauty: Miss Luli Fernandez is a South American goddess. Born in , she became the Messi of modeling at a young age. But then again, if she had never done any modeling, she wouldn’t be able to satisfy all the pre-requisites to become a WAG, of course. Her WAG rating also rises because she’s worked a little as an actress. But, unlike 99% of players’ ladies, she actually has a real talent. Despite being born in Argentina, she was a figure skater.

The Beast: And what a figure it is! Fernando Gago of gets to hold that curvaceous bod close to his, and – for that – I really hate Gago. But, Luli is gaga for Gago, who is yet another young Argentine star. As a defensive midfielder, Gago has had a very impressive career, first with Boca Junions and now with Real Madrid. He also has been capped for ARG more than 25 times and he will probably be on the roster when Messi’s boys take S. Africa in 2010.

The Bard: Here is just a short lyrical ode to Luli, the world’s sexiest Argentine WAG:

Stop the presses, hold the phones and get ready for this breaking news report.

There is actually a WAG who claimed her fame by participating in her own sport.

Luli was a skater who may have hit the ice with Gago like Adrian did with Rocky.

I don’t know how he bagged her, but it has certainly given him reason to be cocky.

But I know a way to bring him down; a plan to stab his heart with a dagger.

Next time I see him, I will just mention Luli also dated the “Crypt Keeper”, Mick Jagger.