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STO WAGS of the World: Helen Svedin

The Beauty: Remember those old beer commercials about the Swedish Bikini Team? Yeah, they weren’t very funny. But, if such a team did exist, then Helen Svedin would be its Captain. Helen is a Swedish model with a pretty intimidating resume. She’s graced the catwalk for several of the world’s most honored designers and she has appeared on the cover of major fashion mags the world over. As she is a world class WAG, she was wooed by one of the greats.

The Beast: Luis Figo, the retired Portugese soccer star, has many trophies on his shelves. Let’s see, he has his 2001 FIFA World Player of the Year Award, his trophy for making the FIFA 100, his four La Liga titles (two each with Barca and Real Madrid), four Serie A titles (all with Inter), and countless other individual and team honors. But, the most valuable trophy Figo has ever earned is Ms. Svedin. I bet he spends more time buffing her than his other awards too.

The Bard: Please look past my last tasteless sentence and listen to my short sonnet:

I was surprised to learn Ms. Helen Svedin was actually born in Sweden.

Her flawless beauty led me to believe her birthplace was the Garden of Eden.

She was created by God so she could model clothes crafted by Armani and Guess.

Her firm dedication, character and charm soon catapulted her into success.

When Figo first met her, he could not deny that his soul by her eyes was riled.

 He didn’t know it that day, but we now know that soon she will bear his 4th child.