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STO WAGS of the World: Adriana Karembeu

The Beauty: Adriana Karembeu is perhaps the WAG with the most successful modeling career. She has appeared on the cover of numerous magazines, both of the fashion and men’s varieties, and she has walked the catwalk for some of the world’s top designers. She’s a tad past her prime now (age 37), but she is still one of the most gorgeous gals to have ever shagged a soccer star. Adriana didn’t just hook up with any player though, she snagged a winner.

The Beast: Adriana is married to Christian Karembeu, the retired French Nats star. Christian played defensive midfield for some great pro teams all over the globe, including Middlesbrough, Olympiakos and . He will best be remembered though for his early years with Nantes. Though French, Karembeu refused to sing his country’s national anthem due to personal protests. I bet he would sing it if his beautiful wife asked him too. She’s that hot.

The Bard: Adriana deserves a lyric of lush loftiness, but all I got is these here rhymes:

I imagine that whenever Adriana wants to bring Christian down a few pegs.

She reminds him she’s in the Guiness Book as the supermodel with the longest legs.

If his ego still won’t subside, and her beauty does not place him in awe,

She can just bring up the fact she modeled Victoria Secret’s Wonderbra.

If he is still saucy after that and brazenly refers to her age, thirty-seven.

She’ll leave him forever, denying him another single second in her heaven.