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STO WAGS of the World: JoJo

The Beauty: JoJo (who was born Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque) is an American pop star. She rose to fame in the music biz at a very young age, and she parlayed her perfect pipes into a successful acting career. Now, the sky is the limit for the young starlet. She has already achieved so much, it is sometimes easy to forget that she’s only (thankfully) 18. Heck, she hasn’t even voted for president yet. But, she still gets my vote for my last WAG of the World. 

The Beast: JoJo dated Freddy Adu for a little over one year. Like JoJo, Adu has been around for so long, it is sometimes easy to forget that he’s only (allegedly) 20. He came to the States from Ghana at age 8, and we’ll take him! He already has 15 caps and two goals for the US too, not bad stats for someone who is not even old enough to drink. Hopefully, he will eventually hook up with a pro team that lets him play as we will need his skills in 2010 and beyond. 

The Bard: Hey, JoJo probably doesn’t even belong on this list, but I wanted 1 more Yank:

This is my last post for STO about WAGs, and I hope JoJo was worth the wait.

I would have profiled her earlier, but until recently she was still jailbait.

She’s not the typical trophy WAG, she’s a smart lady and a skilled singer.

She thought she’d met someone as talented as her in a young US winger.

But their long distance love started to fade, and soon she bidded Adu “adieu”.

And as I conclude this series on the WAGs of the World, I will bid the same to you.