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MLS Legend Jaime Moreno Exits League Highest Career Scorer

If you walked down a busy street anywhere in America (other then Washington D.C.) few people could tell you who Jaime Moreno is. If you walked down the same street and mentioned David Beckham nearly every person walking by would have something to say. Sadly Jaime Moreno has been a much greater MLS player season by season and the DC United man is the only MLS player currently to score over 100 goals and also pile up 100 assists during his career.

The Bolivian-born footballer is expected to retire this off season and his club missed the MLS playoffs this season, so Moreno’s farewell match came on Saturday night against Toronto FC. And like many of the thirty six year old’s experiences on the pitch in the American league, Moreno would score a go-ahead goal in the 38th minute of the first half. His club would go on to lose the match 3-2 with two goals conceded in the second half, but perhaps this goal was the most special one of the old man’s entire career in the league.

Sure his side was only playing for pride this weekend and sure they lost the match anyway, but the goal would come in Moreno’s last game as a member of the United squad and it would also put Moreno in first place as the all time leading scorer in the league. Former joint goal leader and FC Dallas man Jeff Cunningham played Sunday night, but did not score in his match leaving Moreno as the sole leader in the category as he departs the league. Moreno is considered by many fans the greatest MLS player ever and his resume in the league is tough to match. The Bolivian won four league titles, one Supporters Shield, a CONCACAF Champions’ Cup, and was honored as one of the Best Eleven in the MLS five different times in his career including a three year stretch between 2004-2006.

Jaime Moreno may not have the name power of a David Beckham, Thierry Henry, or Rafael Marquez, but the DC United star has left a far greater impact on the MLS then any of these men ever will. 

Mr. Moreno, you will be missed.