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MLS Cup, Thierry Henry Keeps It Real, and Never Say Never

The MLS Cup Final is tomorrow at 8:30 on ESPN (nice coverage for Soccer here in the US) and we still don’t know if Becks is hurt or not.  With Landon Donovan also being named the MVP of the league and RSL chomping at the bit to get this thing on I will still ask the same question.  Do you trust L.A. when the “Sensei of Soccer” is missing one head?  If Becks is out I’m taking RSL.  If he’s in it’s L.A. all the way.  No doubt about it.  He’s not that important, but the togetherness of Beckham and Donovan is.

Thierry Henry is still insisting that the Irish should be rightfully qualified for the World Cup instead of his French squad.  I’m pretty certain that FIFA won’t take what he’s saying to heart since they had officials at the match who saw the handball and did nothing.  However, I really appreciate his honesty and I find it disturbing that the entire nation of France is calling him a cheater and throwing him under the bus.  Listen French-ones.  Most people could only hope to be as honest and forthcoming as Thierry Henry.  You should be applauding him right now.  He already feels bad enough.

Then there’s an old adage that I would love to test this week.  Former ManU player Phil Neville says that he could “never go to Manchester City.”  Really, that’s interesting.  Something about his heart wouldn’t allow it or some crap like that.  Phil baby.  Keep it real.  You know just as well as I do that given the right amount of cash you would run to Manchester City and there’s nothing wrong with that.  However, don’t front with us like we’ll actually believe that you have some sort of code that would prevent you from playing with or managing Man City.  It’s just silly and it makes you look silly.  Stop it already!

PS – Sports is all about the money.  We get it already…and that’s ok.