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Milito Sparks Tension With Rafael Benitez

PareggiteInter Milan’s important victory last Sunday against Palermo left a little bit of unpleasant news for the Nerazurri fans as there were reports from the Italian media saying that there’s a tension between Diego Milito and Rafael Benitez.

Through camera evidence, the press revealed that Milito wasn’t very pleased knowing the fact that he was once again isn’t being allowed to finish the game by his coach, Benitez who subbed the striker on the second half at Renzo Barbera.

Stating his frustation, Milito was caught by camera saying, “Why I am always the one to come off?” Sitting down at the bench, the striker added, This isn’t fine. We need to speak about this here.”

Cooling things down, instead of criticizing Milito after the game Benitez praised the Argentinian striker by saying that he played well on the match despite failing to score again. The former Liverpool coach went on saying that the former Genoa player’s current condition is similar to Peter Crouch back when the Englishman played for the Pool.

“Milito played a fantastic game, one full of all things that a striker must do to make his team play well. He only lacked a goal, but one will arrive soon enough. I have spoken with him and I am angry with Diego only because he is angry with himself, “ Benitez stated to the press. “It has already happened to me once that a striker wasn’t scoring: it was Peter Crouch who we signed for Liverpool from Southampton.”

Despite Benitez’s calming statement, this small tension should be considered as a warning sign for the coach to pay more attention on Milito’s psychology who is currently unstable due the poor form his currently having. Should the ex-Valencia boss failed to handle the matter wisely, there’s a possibility the same kind of issue could happen in the next game, especially if the 31-years-old striker still fails to score.

Having an important player such as Milito feeling upset at the coach certainly could effect the team’s condition in the long term, especially when Inter’s having a difficult period. The feud between players and coach has been known as one of the key instrument that caused failure to many teams and should it’s not being handled properly the same thing could also happened for the Nerazurri this season.

Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale