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Milito Return To Genoa Is Impossible

Diego Milito 2010Having a very disappointing campaign this season with Inter Milan, Argentinian international, Diego Milito is recently being rumored by the Italian press to reunite again with his old club, Genoa.

However, this rumors has now been squashed away by the Griffone’s president himself, Enrico Preziosi, who stated that getting Milito is not possible for his club adding that it’s merely science fiction stuffs made up by the media.

“It’s science fiction, something improbable, Milito loves the city and Genoa, but the operation is not possible for us,” Preziosi said.

Unfortunately, Preziosi didn’t actually revealed the main reason that he feels getting Milito back is impossible but Italian media suggested that the Argentinian’s current wage that reached the amount of 4,5 million Euro per season is the stumbling block for Genoa. Although being known as a pretty royal spender, the Griffone does have a much more tight policy regarding players salary compared to bigger clubs such as Ac Milan, Inter and Juventus, that have more funds compared to mid table team like Preziosi’s club.

With Genoa’s “rejection”, it would be interesting to see what the future lies for Milito as it seems that Inter are not keen on keeping the 32-years-old next season, considering his dip of form this season and high salary. The Argentinian’s injury issues could be blamed as one of the cause of his drop of performances along with the managerial changes at the Nerazzurri, that have pretty much change lots of technical aspect in the team, including the ex-Zaragoza’s striker’s role up front.

Early in the summer, rumors have been linking him with a move to Real Madrid, following the departure of Inter’s former coach, Jose Mourinho, to the Spanish giant at that time. However, the move was never materialize as both parties doesn’t seem to find an agreement and the Nerazzurri at that time aren’t keen on parting ways with one of their best players, during their famous treble success last year.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Stelle Cadenti