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Milito Admits Life At Inter Is Not The Same Without Mourinho

Mourinho remains one of Inter’s most successful coaches in the club’s history and his infectious winning spirit is greatly missed. Apart from the tears Marco Materazzi shed after it became apparent that Mourinho would be leaving the Italian club, Argentine striker Diego Milito is the only other player man enough to to express his feelings about his former coach.

It is not hard to see why Milito’s form has dipped to the extent of him almost being relegated to the sidelines of the Nerrazzurri attack. Speaking to FCInternews.it Milito was quoted as saying that ‘it’s not the same without Mourinho’.

“It’s not easy to speak about Jose Mourinho because I have great affection and admiration for him, he is special,”

“I remember a game against Cagliari, we were losing and he spoke to me. I scored two goals in the second half and we won.

“After having him as my coach last year and winning everything, which was very difficult, we have to adapt to the new coach.”

Milito hit the nail on the head. Mourinho had an unatural belief in his techniques and players and he was able to pass this onto his players. This is why he will always remain above Benitez.

Truth be said, Benitez does not even believe in himself, let alone his players. This is why Inter seem to be stick in this rut. Its not because they lack the players or talent, its just because their coach cannot effectively create a winning belief and mentality in his players.

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