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Milan’s To Face Pele’s Hurdle On Ganso’s Deal

Camiseta conmemorativa del MilánJust when Ac Milan’s chance in getting Brazilian new talent, Paulo Henrique Ganso, seems to get bigger, more hurdles suddenly appears for the Rossoneri as after Santo’s president who stated his warning, now football legend, Pele also threatened to stall the possible deal.

The ex-Santos star said to the press in Brazil that he plans to persuade Ganso in staying with his club for a little longer, adding that it would be the best thing for the 21-years-old at the moment.

Pele also added that he is very confident about his persuasive plan as it has previously worked with other Santos’ talent, Neymar, who rejected a move to Chelsea about a year ago. However, at that time, Neymar stated that the reason was because he’s still too young and not ready yet to face the pressure of playing in Europe.

“Ganso and I will have a chat. I know that he is happy here. If it were to depend on me, he would stay for life. I believe the situation is similar to that of Neymar [who turned down Chelsea a year ago], and I am confident. A brief chat with Neymar was enough to convince him to stay and I also believe that Ganso will understand that it’s the best thing for the moment. I will talk to him and I am convinced that he will decide to stay,” Pele said.

Although this statement could threatened Milan’s plan, but the Rossoneri probably won’t be worried too much since Ganso himself is reportedly very eager to play in Europe next summer, considering he is already reached his early 20’s. The Rossoneri themselves have reportedly been viewing the attacking midfielder from last season and was already preparing to raid him earlier but the plan stalled because the midfielder picked up a bad knee injury that has just recovered few months ago.

Milan, who are planning to built a Champions League winning side starting from next season, sees Ganso as the heir to the number 10 role that was left by Rui Costa and Kaka, in which so far haven’t been exclusively replaced. Kevin Prince Boateng was being “forced” to play the role this season, despite his playing character doesn’t actually fit that position, so although the Ghanaian has been performing pretty well, Massimiliano Allegri planned to put Boated in a much more familiar place in central midfielder, giving the trequartista role to Ganso.

Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas