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Milan’s Self-Made Crisis

If you wondering why i write a lot about Milan, its simply because its the team i have supported ever since i first watched them play in the Champions League 8 years ago. I had just completed my primary school education and the massive amount of time i had gave me the rare pleasure of sleeping at whatever time i desired.

I will never forget staying up late with my brother to watch the impressive Milan who ironically went on to win their 6th European title just a few months later. That was my first encounter with the Rossoneri and one i will always cherish.

So as a die-hard Milan and Serie A fan, i think i am qualified enough to give my two cents worth of advise concerning the club’s ‘self-made crisis’. AC Milan is a club that commands a lot of respect in Europe as well as in Italy. Current president and owner Silvio Berlusconi however, seems to be running it down to the ground. Here’s why.

The average age of the club’s entire squad must be 30. Experience is important however, Berlusconi should not use that as a scapegoat to retain players who are past their prime. If the Rossoneri are to return to the kind of form they hard in the early years of this decade, they must be willing to invest in quality, young players.

Pato, Huntelaar and Adiyiah are not enough for them to compete with the likes of arch rivals Inter Milan or even Manchester United. Ber should understand this pronto so as to calm the fans growing anxiety.With the Allegri move dead and no major signing in the horizon, Milan are living dangerously.

Another problem is the club can’t seem to hold onto their stars. First it was Kaka who even after pledging and committing himself to Milan had to be sold off to clear some debt. The Brazilian has since failed to live up to the billing in Madrid and might be sold off to Chelsea by new coach Mourinho who apparently does not admire him.

Another Brazilian star Ronaldinho is very uncertain about his future after the club failed to offer him a better contract despite being their brightest talent last season. Moreover, talk is now rife that Milan will re-hire Leonardo as coach after talks with Catania over coach Allegri’s move hit the wall.

Its still early days in the transfer window, however, in less than a month attention will again shift primarily to the European scene where key transfers are set to ignite wild spending.

There is only one way that Milan can deal with this crisis and that is by investing in good young talent.

Photo credit: from MichaelJClark