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Milan’s Loss To Inter Opened Pandora’s Box

One of my fears came true this past weekend. AS Roma leap frogged Milan into second place after the rossoneri were held to a barren draw by the unfancied Bologna on Sunday afternoon. This was another bad outing for Leonardo and it increases the number of matches he has lost in the league to two . His side’s momentum that carried them through the better part of last year, seems to have disappeared into thin air.

It all started with a loss to Inter in the Milan derby two weeks ago. The following Tuesday, they were knocked out of the Italian cup by Livorno who beat them 1-0 at the San Siro. It must be a case of de javu for the rookie Brazilian coach as the current form Milan are showing is remeniscent of the bad start his team had in the opening days of the season.

Like i said a while back, when Milan are wining, it is really hard to beat them. The ironical thing however is that the same applies to when they are losing. One defeat is all it takes to open the floodgates of negative results or pandora. What this team is lacking is resilience (bounce backability).

It takes way to long for the them to pick themselves out of a loss or a draw. Moreover, this spell of bad results could not have come at a more perilous time. Milan prepare to face Manchester United in the Champuions League in about 2 weeks time. The red devils are having a good season and they will be a very tough opponent for Milan.

Even Beckham’s arrival has had little effect this time round. Dinho is in top form but what many might be asking is just how long it will last. Leonardo again has to re-inspire the teams morale and get them back on track to avoid slipping further down the table.

Photo credit: Dima E