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Milan’s 30 Million Euro Transfer Budget

First of all, for a club of Milan’s stature, 30 million Euros is peanuts and if the Rossoneri think that they will be a force to reckon with next season on a budget like that, they must really be in dream land.

To make it even worse the club has stated that 20 million of the entire sum will go towards acquiring one yes just one major signing for the new coach. The rest of the money will be channeled to the youth department to be used for recruiting the finest young players.

Now, this must be very worrying for Milan fans. It is very clear that Milan’s major problem is their aging players. Right now the squad’s average age is what, 28? Very old if you ask me. What is even worse is that president and owner Silvio Berlusconi has not made any major signings to replace Kaka.

Milan cannot continue relying on Ronaldinho. The Brazilian has had his best season so far but Berlusconi should realise that a one man team will not bring the trophies. If the Rossoneri do not adjust their budget to match the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea and Inter, i am sorry to say this but it will be another trophy less season for the Diavolo.

Inter on the other hand will definitely be very active in the transfer window and despite losing their coach. the Nerazzurri are not showing any signs of cutting down their league dominance. Milan can once again be the club everyone respect and admires in Europe but only if they buy wisely this summer.

Photo credit from LUMA e-store