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Milan Not Starting Aquilani to Avoid Clause Activation?

Reports in Italy are interestingly suggesting that Ac Milan are still hesitant in paying up for Alberto Aquilani’s six million clause by the end of season and that’s pretty much why he isn’t being given much starting place after his return from injury recently.

According to Gazzetta, Milan are not keen on activating Aquilani’s rather cheap buy out clause and might even send him back to Liverpool by the end of season despite he has been one of the club’s important piece in the first part of season.

Aquilani’s previous injury, which forced him out for about two months, might be one of the reason why Milan become hesitant in keeping the ex-As Roma star, which is in contrary with the Rossoneri’s management plan last January. The fear of his injury habit might return again in the coming season could simply be behind the management’s head, although the midfielder isn’t the only player whose having an injury problems this season at Milanello.

However, there were also previous rumors stating that Milan actually still wants to keep Aquilani but they just doesn’t want to pay the full six million clause that has been previously agreed by Liverpool. Obviously should the Italian international didn’t fulfilled his complicated clause, the Rossoneri are not obliged to sign him but still has an option, that’s why the Scudetto holder is trying to get a cheaper price if possible.

At the moment, this is still just rumors which simply circulating due to Milan’s reluctant in starting Aquilani despite the poor performance of some of their starting midfield players. Of course the rumors might disappear should the Italian midfielder eventually got his starting place back again for the remaining matches, but it’s still a curious thing to see.

Should the Rossoneri opted to pass out on the minimum clause on Aquilani, there might be some doubts on their potential summer transfer budget since getting an Italian international for that amount cannot be considered expensive at all. Not to mention if they do limit his playing time because of that situation, it is a rather ‘unprofessional’ behavior since Milan could also jeopardize the player’s chance in playing for this upcoming Euro 2012.