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Milan Faith On El Shaarawy, No First Team Guarantee For Cassano

Camiseta conmemorativa del MilánMissing only official signing and medical check up, which will be done on Saturday, Stephan El Shaarawy is pretty much a Milan player for the season and possibly years to come as the Rossoneri’s vice president, Adriano Galliani, has now confirmed.

Speaking to the press earlier today, Galliani revealed that the young attacking midfielder will be kept with the Rossoneri’s first team simply because they has strong faith over the youngster’s talent.

“El Shaarawy will stay at Milan. We signed him because we think he is mature, he will definitely stay at Milan for the whole year. El Shaarawy has played extraordinary, then I cannot read the future in any case he has the all the signs of a star performer. We’ll soon see what his value is, but I am sure that he can become a champion,” Galliani said.

So far the news confirmed that Milan only bought 50% of El Shaarawy’s contract but have the intention on buying the youngster’s full right after he finished his first season with the Rossoneri. Looking at their intention, it’s very likely that the current Serie A Champions will redeem the 18-years-old no matter what, the main issue would be on how much would they will need to pay for the other half that is still owned by Genoa.

Beside discussing about El Shaarawy, Galliani also talked about Antonio Cassano’s future, who has been vigorously rumored to be leaving the fashion capital side after only playing there for six month, simply because there’s not first team guarantee for the Italian international. Explaining the condition, the vice president confirmed that they can’t guarantee any players a first team spot at Milan including Cassano, but Galliani quickly added that the former As Roma player is still a very important act for the club.

“Cassano? He play alongside the other stars, with Ibrahimovic, with Robinho, Pato, Inzaghi, with Paloschi, with El Shaarawy. Nobody is assured of a place in our side, but Antonio can certainly be of use to us,” Galliani added.

Considering the fact that the transfer market isn’t officially open yet, many unique things can still happen before the market closes on August 31, but for now, Milan seems calm and content with everything and working on the rejuvenation they’re planning from last season. More than that, there also seems to be a strong intention in building the strong Italian core again on the squad as the Rossoneri are bit by bit adding several local talents in their ranks from the junior level along with the senior team, although nothing is guaranteed yet but the signs are pretty much evident.


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas