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Milan close to signing Ibrahimovic and linked with Robinho

AC Milan have confirmed that they are in negotiations with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and there are also rumours suggesting the club is pursuing an interest in Robinho. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, formerly of Internazionale Milan, is available for a fee purported to be £25 million. Considering he cost, effectively, more than double that just twelve months ago indicates just what type of a good deal AC Milan believe they would be getting.

Of course there are reasons why Ibrahimovic’s value has plummeted so much in such a short space of time but the truth is the price drop is still disproportionate. Surely a large part of the reason Barcelona are willing to sell for such a loss is because they are in need of a cash influx themselves, especially if they want to follow up their interest in Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano. Despite selling Yaya Toure for £25 million, Dimitri Chygrinski for more than £11 million and releasing Rafael Marquez and Thierry Henry from the wage books the club is still in a perilous financial situation, not helped by the signing of David Villa for more than £30 million. Regular yearly losses have piled up and the club now has enormous debts to contend with. Selling Ibrahimovic for £25 million will help considerably. AC Milan appear happy to oblige such a circumstance.

In another move that appeals to those in charge of the AC Milan budget the club is supposedly trying to sign Robinho, who previously cost in excess of £30 million, for around £15 million. AC Milan might just end up signing two world class performers for half price.

Considering this is the exact policy they used when signing Ronaldinho a few seasons back it is evident there is no guarantee of success. However Ronaldinho’s improved form towards the end of last season and a renewed promise to try harder suggests the club is willing to maintain the same path. A forward line of Ronaldino, Robinho, Pato and Ibrahimovic potentially beckons. Considering the super quartet will have cost no more than £70 million in total to purchase, when compared to the expenses incurred by the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester City, it looks like money well spent. If it happens. AC Milan fans are hoping it does.