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Michael Laudrop takes over Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca should be happy to hear that Michael Laudrop has signed a deal that will seem him with the Spanish club for 2 years. Although Laurdrup has enjoyed much success with teams that he has taken over for, he went on to warn the fans of Mallorca not to expect any miracles.

With a great season at Getafe 2 years ago that saw Laudrup lead the club to the finals in the Cope del Rey and the quarter finals in the UEFA Cup, Real Mallorca are hoping that Laudrop can do the same for them. With no guarantee’s as to how far he will actually lead the club, one thing that is for sure is that Laudrup will be bringing a new style of football to the club that will have them play better overall.

Although Laudrup does not expect the results to come over-night, he feels that the distance on how far the club can go will depend on the ambitions of the players. Laudrup went on to say the following :

“I’m very happy to be at Mallorca and also to return to La Liga, which is the league in which they practice the best football. I’m delighted to be on the island. It’s not up to me to say the aims of the team. It has to be up to the players to set them and be convinced of them.”

As for the player situation as to who will play, Laudrup went on to say the following :

“They will be sorted out, Football can’t isolate itself from the economic crisis. There may be many changes to the squad. What’s important is that those who remain are happy and know that this is something serious and that there has to be a correct path. In football there are veterans, loan players, youngsters and youth-team players. The first two groups cannot give you anything financially, because you cannot sell them. But the youngsters and those from the youth team can. If you produce a player every six years, the club’s economy does not improve, but if you continue producing players then you can go along healthy.”

Having been jobless since April of 2009, Laudrup will have a tough road ahead of him with the club. Do I see him changing things at Real Mallorca? Yes, however it will take time for Laudrup to feel out it’s players and see who can fit into his kind of playing style. Laudruo’s playing style being more aggressive towards the attack, Real Mallorca’s defense will have a tough task as they will have to a great job defending on the counter-attacks.

Do you see Laudrup being able to take Real Mallorca to a higher level?  Should he went to Atletico Madrid instead? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.