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Michael Bradley To Play in Bundesliga

U.S. MNT midfielder Michael Bradley, aka “MB”, was dealt by his Dutch side SC Heerenveen to a newly promoted member of Germany’s first division. The team’s name? 

Borussia Moenchengladbach.


I think I will just stick with “BM” rather than trying to type that again. So, MB is going to BM. What does it all mean?

It means the naysayers will say “nay” and argue Bradley should have been dealt to a superior team, like an EPL or Spanish Primera club. Well, if those clubs had thought Bradley was ready, they certainly would have dealt for him. We here in the U.S. tend to be biased about our player’s ability, and in the Bradley case, clearly expectations for the lad were exorbitantly high.

But beyond the bias, I still disagree with the naysayers. I think BM is one of Germany’s most beloved teams and a great place for Bradley to land. Why wish for Bradley to be permanently on the pine for a “great” team when he could be getting experience and playing time on a good one?

Because the team was just promoted back to the first division, they somewhat have a scarcity of talent that could open up opportunities early for MB. Moreover, BM will use MB more like the Nats use him, as a linking, defensive-minded midfielder, which will only help his development. At other clubs, he may have been used as an attacking midfielder which (despite his 15 goals last year) seems to be against his nature. He belongs in the middle conducting the offense and helping out on defense, not sitting up top waiting to cherry pick a goal.

Also good for Bradley will be the physical style of play in the Bundesliga. As talented as Bradley has looked at times, he is also clearly a player whose emotions (i.e., anger and rage) can get the best of him. Once he adapts to the brutality of the German game, perhaps he will handle confrontations with opponents more calmly, rather than retaliating every time he feels he has been attacked.

All in all, the move will likely be good for BM and Bradley’s future. A match made in heaven. Just don’t ask any of his MNT teammates who he plays for yet. They are going to need alot more time to figure out that pronounciation.

Good luck to MB @ BM.