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Mexico’s World Cup Preview: The Team


Mexico is historically the most successful club in the CONCAF division of the World Cup and the club rarely has failed to qualify for the event.  In fact this tournament will mark the fifth consecutive time that Mexico has qualified for the Cup and the club was able to advance to the second round of the event each time they made it.  Their two best World Cup appearances were in 1970 and 1986 when the nation hosted the event.  Both times Mexico finished in the final eight teams of the event.


Mexico would like to forget the early stages of their most recent WCQ, but the club did what strong teams do and stepped it up at the end of the qualifier and easily earned their spot in the Cup this season.  Mexico’s coach Javier Aguirre deserves much of the credit for the improvement and in the last six matches in the CONCAF division the club only lost one match and won four.  They didn’t win the division title (a rare feat for Mexico), but the club is in the tournament and they are only ten years removed from winning the Confederations Cup.


Mexico is one of those squads that gives odds makers fits.  On some sites they claim the club has a 66 to 1 chance of hoisting the Cup and on some other sites the odds escalate all the way up to 150 to 1.  Honestly if you look at Mexico’s recent history it is hard to, first off, think that they will not advance to the second round of the tournament and, secondly, it is hard to think that the club will advance further then that in the tournament.  The club hasn’t won a second round match since 1986 and their squad was considered much better on the global scale back then.  They do have a strong defense though and that can carry a club a long way.  Still I think they will not surpass the last 16 spots though.