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Mexico’s World Cup Preview: Roster Grades


The Keeper

Ochoa will more than likely be the goalie this summer for Mexico and they also have a respectable backup in Corona.  All in all they have to be considered slightly above average in the net and their defensive unit should keep them in most matches.  Who knows though they might end up going with a failry unknown keeper in the net, but the best bet would be Ochoa playing for Mexico.

Grade: B – 

The Defense

Barcelona’s Rafael Marquez is a leader of this club in the middle of the defense and he has the potential to make the All World Cup team if Mexico can make a strong run this season.  The rest of the defense is a bit suspect though, but Salcido and Magallon aren’t bad either and the unit has decent depth.

Grade: B

The Midfield

Probably the strongest unit of Mexico is their midfield.  Blanco (who kind of plays a version of forward for the club) and Guardado should make a strong tandem upfront.  These guys are the biggest playmakers on this Mexico club and need to push the ball up the field.  Especially Blanco, he has become the team leader and is a vital part of the club.  In fact this will be the star’s last chance at hoisting the Cup.

Grade: B  

The Forwards

Giovanni dos Santos will probably be a starter along with a solid depth of players including Franco, Castillo, and Arsenal’s Vela.  This unit is no Spanish side, but they are pretty strong overall though due to having decent depth.  No superstar players, but they will likely give team headaches anyway.

Grade: B –  


After a slow start in the WCQ, the club turned it around and was one of the hottest clubs in the CONCAF league by the end of the preliminary round.  They only lost one out of their last eight matches and jumped up the board from fifth to second.  They will need Blanco to produce goals and the defense can not fall asleep out there.  Mexico might be good enough to make it to the final 16 squads this season and considering they have made it the last four times I would bet on that happening.

Grade: B –