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Mexes the Only ‘Guilty’ Man from Milan-Juve Aftermath

Philippe Mexes 1.03.09*The aftermath from fiery encounter between Ac Milan and Juventus continues in the players’ disciplinary situation as the decision stated that Philippe Mexes is the only names being punished from several names that were previously monitored.

TV evidence showed that the French international guilty of throwing a punch at Marco Borriello’s ribs, causing the Juventus player going to ground for a while, although it doesn’t seem to be that harmful.

However, the fact remains that Mexes did committed a violent behavior and therefore the Frenchman must simply accept being banned for three games, as that’s pretty much the rule in Serie A. The decision means that the player will be missing Milan’s next three league encounter against Palermo, Lecce and also Parma, a rather comforting schedule on paper for the Rossoneri, which they could probably cope without the Frenchman.

Meanwhile, other incidents that involved both teams’ players apparently goes unpunished such as the situation involving Sulley Muntari, Stephan Linchsteiner, Mark Van Bommel, Andrea Pirlo including Massimo Ambrosini and Giorgio Chiellini. Apparently the FIGC doesn’t see the need of exaggerating the situation on the game by punishing every single incident and simply just went on the ones more blatantly seen in camera.

This decision made by FIGC also looks to be an attempt in cooling things down as there have really been heated stuffs after the controversial match between Milan and Juventus which ended 1-1. Plenty crazy reaction came up during and after the match which pretty much causing lots of buzz all around Italy and the Italian federation probably is trying to calm the situation considering both teams will still meet again in the Italian Cup.

However, the situation might still be harsh for Milan as they have been facing several disciplinary situation which sometimes get overlooked when the similar was done by other players. Considering their current injury problems, Mexes’ three match absence could very well made the Scudetto winner felt a bit bitter although just as it was stated above, the Rossoneri should probably cope without the Frenchman in the next three games.


photo credit: mexesthebest