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Messi’s Mother And Ex-Girlfriend Almost Fight

Here is a little news to make you Monday. A former girlfriend to football star and world player of the year Lionel Messi has come out claiming that  Messi’s mother chased with a frying pan while she was out shopping with her mother and aunt.

Of course, this is something you would only expect to see and hear from a dramatic soap opera scene, but as shocking as it may sound, it actually happened. It only goes to show that celebrities are normal people with normal problems (at least some of them are) who are trying to live their privately lives publicly.

According to Macarena Lemos, Messi’s mother was following her taking photos and when she turned to ask her why she was doing that, Messi’s mother reacted by insulting her.

“She was following me and taking photos until I turned around and asked her what was going on,” Lemos told Goal.com. “That’s when she started insulting me. What was she doing there in the electronics section, with a frying pan in her hand? She was following me with a telephone and a frying pan.”

The pair dated when Lemos was only 14 and Messi was 18.

“I have never came out and said whether I had slept with her son. I was 14 and he was 18 – and I didn’t reveal anything about our relationship,” Lemos said. “She seems to think I said something to a magazine, but I never did. They are confused.”

Does Lemos still see herself getting back with Messi? According to her, that’s ‘unfinished business’.