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Messi/Ronaldo's Pursuit of 100 Combined Goals Is No Joke

Last weekend Lionel Messi surpassed 100 career La Liga goals and became only the fourth Barcelona player in the franchise’s history to do so (scoring each one for the same team). But what are the odds of both Ronaldo and Messi surpassing a combined 100 goals this season? Well they have a better chance then you might think.

Both men scored a hat trick last weekend in La Liga matches. Messi and Barca embarrassed Almeria so badly that they fired their coach following the 8-0 loss. Ronaldo and Real Madrid didn’t exactly disappoint either. A 5-1 home win against Athletic Bilbao will keep Los Blancos at the top of the table. But perhaps more impressive then the wins over lowly squads, Ronaldo and Messi are both on their way to career years.

Messi has 19 total goals this season and that is over less then 1/3 of the full season. Messi has scored 13 goals in 12 league matches this season, 5 Champions League goals, and one Coppa del Rey. Ronaldo, on the other hand, leads the league in goals with 14, but only has 2 tournament goals between Champions League and Coppa del Rey play. The two men have a combined 35 goals and that is only through 24 league games out of 76. That means if the players continue to score at the remarkable pace that they have set so far this season then they could score a combined total of at least 105 to 110 goals.

Of course both footballers are unbelievable hot at the moment and knowing Ronaldo’s injury-prone knee problems he will likely endure some type of setback at some point this season considering the potential 50 plus game schedule, but what these two men are doing right now is one of the most remarkable things in La Liga history. There could be two 50 plus goal men this year and both will play in the same league if it happens.