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Messi talks to school children

With Lionel Messi having a hard time finding some free time in his busy schedule, the Argentinean playmaker/goal-scorer, still managed to meet with some school children in Spain. Talking to the children, Messi went on to talk about how he started to play football “Because he loved it”.

“I started playing football because I loved it. And now I do it not just because football is my profession, but because I get great pleasure from the sport. I continue to treat it as a game.”

As some people wonder why Messi looks up to the sky after scoring a goal, the ‘Messiah’ of Barcelona went on to explain why as well:

“I am doing this because I dedicate my goals to my grandmother. She took to me to football but now she can’t see how far I have come. Nevertheless, she continues to help me and my family.”

Messi is enjoying a strong season with Barcelona and although it really doesn’t seem possible to be play any better, many fans and reporters feel that the best is yet to come.

Think Messi will be able to surpass the legend Maradona in the books? Do you think Messi really is better than Ronaldo despite not giving the EPL a crack? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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