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Messi laughs at talks of him leaving to the Serie A

It’s not really a shock that Messi wants to stay with Barcelona, but when rumors started to rise that the young Argentinian might take interest in signing with Inter Milan, it had many people confused.

The rumors of the possible departure seemed unreal and that is exactly what it turned out to be. Messi denied the claims of taking interest in Inter Milan and went on to say that Massimo Moratti was “Only playing” when he was hoping in singing him.

Earlier in the week, Moratti made a playful statement that Messi might be making his way to Inter Milan as a “Gift” but then went on to diminish those talks.

“Messi? It’s the journalists who continue to refer to him. Messi would be wanted by any club, but signing him would be a very difficult operation. But in the future, who knows.”

In my opinion, Messi will not be leaving Camp Nou unless something drastic happens. He already stated that he doesn’t have any intentions of leaving the club and to leave the club now wouldn’t make any sense. Messi will be a legend at Barcelona and having already won the “FIFA World Player of the Year” award, I doubt that the Catalan club would want to lose his services.

Messi went on to say the following about the talks:

“He was only joking and didn’t mean it seriously. My situation has not changed, as Barcelona is my home and I am happy here. I thank Moratti for his words and for having thought of me, even if it was just a joke, but I hope to stay here forever.”

Did you think Messi would possibly be leaving the club? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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