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Messi is Not From This World, It's Official

Unknown  objects in the sky. Or a UFO?Every week I am going to dedicate at least one blog to Lionel Messi and the hypothesis that I have developed that the guy is not from this planet.

This week you can see that I have added some photo evidence proving that extraterrestrial life does in fact exist throughout our galaxy.

Think I’m off of my rocker?

The guy has scored 36 goals this season and the scary news is that he still has another 10 potential matches to go.  I thought it was impossible before the season began, but can Messi reach the half of the century mark of 50?

Usually when a guy faces off against a worthy opponent in the quarterfinals he doesn’t score five or six goals in two matches.  Usually he is happy to have one.  But Messi is not from this planet and the place he is from apparently has soccer or football too.  And apparently they are really, really good at it.

Messi’s performance last week in the Champions League set a new mark for the modern day footballer.  Not only did the guy display three different brilliant ways to score a goal in the match, but he showed the world that with Rooney out that he is undoubtedly the best player in the world and worthy of another UEFA Champions League Most Valuable Player.

How is the guy this good and how does he score in every big match (like El Clasico over the weekend)?  I don’t know.

In fact all that I do know for sure is that the guy is from another planet.  Which one?  I’m still not sure, but he is red hot so Mercury sounds like a nice choice right now.   But the sun is always an option too.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Markusram