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Messi In A League Of His Own

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi is currently the best player in the world. You only had to watch Sunday’s game against Valencia to know just how lethal Lio is. Messi’s trio against Valencia re-opened the never ending debate of just who is better between himself and Ronaldo. Personally, I think Messi is far better than Cristiano Ronaldo.That is not to say that Ronaldo isn’t good. Ronaldo is an exceptional player and he just never seems to stop scoring! Messi’s performance on Sunday even had Uruguayan legend Enzo Francescoli amazed.

Messi is currently the reigning FIFA world player of the year and the European player of the year and with 22 goals to his name this season there is no stopping the “little Maradona”. With the World cup coming up, it will be amazing to see how Messi copes with the pressure of being the world’s best. Although Argentina have not had the easiest of qualifying campaigns, they still  remain as one of the tournaments favourites.

“I have to live up to my reputation and the best way to do it is to remain humble and always look to improve. I’ve been called greedy at times and i do love to dribble, but my first instinct is to think of my team. I never put myself first and my team mates will confirm this. As a child, my dream was to play with the ball, run with the ball and score the perfect goal. You see goals on television that are close to perfect, but there is always another level of perfect, and that is all we want to find”.

Photo credit: prismatico