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Messi Impresses Against Brazil

Lionel Messi is the unquestioned number one player in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is a close second place, but Messi with Barcelona is still the best. He averages roughly a goal per game in league play, owns a treble, Champions League Player of the Year award, a long list of other personal achievements and awards, and is considered by many even greater then Diego Maradona.

But the young Argentine-born striker has yet to prove his ability to win a World Cup for his nation. The young forward has played in two of the summer events, but this most recent one in South Africa was a big disappointment for the unstoppable Barca man, who lost in the quarterfinals to Germany 4-0.

But perhaps the next one will better?

Messi’s Argentina beat Brazil earlier today 1-0 and it was Messi of course who would score the winner of the match in extra time for the Argentine club. The friendly was not only a huge one due to the two best South American teams facing off, but it was also the welcome back match for another Barcelona player in former La Liga man Ronaldinho.

Messi’s Argentina have beat two of the world’s best football nations in recent friendlies (they also shocked Spain briefly following the Cup) and perhaps the world’s  best player can take the next step in Brazil 2014 by winning his first World Cup title.

Because despite all the league honors and trophies, I still don’t believe Messi will be known as the best player ever until he wins one for his nation like Pele and Maradona did back in the day.