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Messi Doubtful For This Weekend

Lionel Messi will not play this weekend in Barcelona’s league match against Espanyol.  The star Argentine forward suffered a fairly serious ankle injury earlier in the week when Barcelona faced-off against Dynamo Kyiv in Champions League competition. 

And just to make the young superstar’s luck a little bit worse the injury transpired in the last few minutes of the match on a hard tackle from an opposing player.  Messi did score the game winner a little bit before the injury happened, but following the hard tackle the Barcelona club huddled around their star player as he needed help off of the pitch.

As I always say…. ankle injuries can be very tricky and obviously it is a valuable part of the footballers body.  Year after year it will remain a subject line in Cristiano Ronaldo’s career and hopefully the young footballer can fight off the the ligament problems in the future that he has faced the last few seasons.  But an underrated part of sport in general is the where and tear these footballer or any professional athletes endure.

And the legs, ankles, and knees are possibly the most valuable part of a footballers body because the more punishment they receive the less likely the star player will be able to continually play.  If I were Barcelona right now I would be very careful with my gazillion dollar investment.  Football is a year round sport and you have the best player in the world under contract for many more seasons to come. 

I realize every match counts, but at what price?  

If I were Barcelona I would rest Messi for a lot more then just one week.