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Menezes’s Remarks Fire Up Santos VP

A war of words is emerging between the Brazilian national team and Santos football club after coach Mano Menezes advised Santos starlet Neymar to move to Europe. Menezes believes that Neymar can only live up to expectation if he moves to Europe sooner rather than later.

The Santos striker who made headlines last week for his heroic display against Internacional in their 3-1 Copa Libertadores fixture has vowed to remain with the South American giants until his contract expires in 2014. Menezes’s made his feelings known when speaking to Globesporte.

“With regards to his atmosphere and the sense of belonging, him staying in Brazil is great,”Menzes told Globesporte. “But for a final development, for him to gain more respect, it would be important to play in Europe.

“Being there, there is no need for him to expose himself so much. The fact that he stayed in Brazil demanded contracts which took a lot of time to be drawn up. People see that he is exposed. You need to execute all three aspects well – training, eating and resting – in order to be fine.”

Apparently, these remarks have not been received well by Santos who responded through their vice president Odilio Rodrigues Filho. Filho who in spite respecting Mano’s comments, termed the remarks as very sad.

“It is a shame that the coach of the Brazil national team does not acknowledge the effort of a Brazilian club to keep a talent in the country,”

“Santos play international matches, we are always competing in international tournaments which allow Neymar to show his talent outside Brazil.

“Neymar is improving day after day, getting more mature, and staying in the country has not hindered his growth. Mano should support us. I respect his opinion, but I think that what he said is sad.”

Just to add my own two cents worth here, should Neymar consider leaving Brazil anytime soon, a move to Spain or Italy would be the perfect fit. Nothing against England and their league, however, looking at Neymar’s style of play, either the La Liga or the Serie A would compliment it.

However, until then, these incessant comparisons to Messi should stop. Only when they can compete together should the debate be re-ignited.

Photo Credit © Diogo França