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Meet Brazil’s New Coach

The CBF has named Mano Menezes as Brazil’s new coach. The 48 year-old replaced Carlos Dunga as the Selecao’s new coach after he accepted the Brazilian football confederations offer yesterday morning.

Now, i will be frank and say that i do not know anything about Mano. In fact the first time i heard of him was only a few days ago. My only question and i know i echo many people’s concern when i say this, is whether Mano can do what Dunga could not.

With the next World Cup being hosted in Brazil,the pressure for Mano to deliver a World Cup on home soil is already evident. With 4 years to prepare, Mano has sufficient time to ensure that his squad for the finals delivers results and also plays attractive football.

There was national outcry when Dunga excluded national stars, Neymar, Ganso and Ronaldinho from his World Cup squad and true to many people’s expectations, the Selecao did not fair any better than 2006.

Knocked out in the quarter finals by a not to impressive Netherlands, Brazil failed at their second attempt of making history by winning a 6th title.

Before taking up this post, Mano was Corinthian’s coach for the past two years.

“For the whole of Brazil, I say that I officially accept the invitation,” he declared during a Corinthians press conference.

“I am thankful to Corinthians for my three years of work and friendship.”

Whether Mano will experience the same kind of success with the Selecao like he did with Corinthian’s only time will tell. That said, Brazilian football once again finds itself  placed on the tipping point where it could either rise above expectations, or fall to its knees.

Photo credit: from yanusbr