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McBride Keeps Fulham Afloat… For Now

Earlier this week, I stated that Saturday’s match against Reading was a “must win” for the Cottagers. Brian McBride must have thought so as well, because he he scored a goal and basically willed Fulham to a 2-0 away victory, Fulham’s first win away from Craven Cottage in more than a year and a half.


Also, Tim Howard and Everton managed to draw with Birmingham City, meaning the Cottagers moved 3 points closer to Reading and 2 points closer to Birmingham City.

The only bad news? Bolton suprisingly beat Jonathan Spector’s West Ham United, so Fulham actually does not move up any in the rankings. However, the bottom of the league table is now much tighter.

  1. Reading (32)
  2. Birmingham City (31)
  3. Bolton (29)
  4. Fulham (27)
  5. Derby (11)

Derby was beaten viciously 6-0 by Aston Villa. At this point, Derby should just forfeit its remaining matches. It’s simply inhumane to watch people suffer so much.