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Mascherano Joins Barcelona, Liverpool Sheds a Single Tear

Former Liverpool man Javier Mascherano is officially the property of Barcelona now and the Argentine defensive midfielder recently expressed his excitement for joining the former treble winners.

Mascherano told Barca TV:

The truth is it’s a dream. It’s a great joy and a reason to be proud for me and my family because of what it all means, for everything they’ve achieved in the last few years. As well as being a great team they are also a great group of people. Hopefully things will go well from the start.

And Mascherano was expected to complete a medical earlier today and will sign a four year deal with his La Liga squad following that 22 million euro transfer over from the EPL. And of course Mascherano forced this move to happen after holding out and refusing to play for the Reds a week back against Manchester City on a Monday night match. And the disgruntled footballer eventually got his wish and moved to the club that desperately needed an elite defensive midfielder following the departure of Yaya Toure to Man City.

And I have voiced my disapproval regarding the modern day athlete before and I am one of those old school guys that believes if an athlete agrees to a contract with a club then they should fulfill that commitment despite any negative influences that could come into play down the road. Several Barcelona players recently claimed that Mascherano was depressed in England and he and his family wanted to move to Spain where the midfielder could play alongside national team teammate Lionel Messi. These superstar players begged for Liverpool to do the right thing for a man that had done the wrong thing by refusing to play.

Personally, I think it is hilarious that a grown man that is being paid millions upon millions of dollars can play the “depressed” card just because he isn’t happy with his current destination, but it appears in the modern day that the crybaby athlete always wins these wars.  

Mascherano of course would like to erase the fact that he refused to play for Liverpool and instead claimed that he would give the same dedication to Barca that he has given for his former club’s in the past. Uh-oh:   

I’ll give the same as I always have for all the teams I’ve played for; sacrifice, desire and I will try to do things as well as possible and help all the time. It’s a great club with great players and I will try to adapt as quickly as possible.

Of course if Mascherano gave any “effort” at all this season or “sacrificed” anything at all in England then he would still be playing for the Reds, but the midfielder put his foot down and because of it is now where he wants to be. And the best team in the world just got that much better with the addition of the key Argentine defensive midfielder.