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Mascherano goes on strike, will Barcelona take advantage ?

I guess if Javier doesn’t want to play than Javier isn’t going to play.

With Liverpool getting ready to play against billionaire club Manchester City, Mascherano has refused to play for the Reds as he continues to seek a move away from Anfield and has went on strike and now many people are starting speculate if the Argentinian will ever play for Liverpool again.

Roy Hodgson was keen on keeping Mascherano at Liverpool but it seems as Masch has had enough of the EPL club and wants out of the club asap. Inter Milan were said to be interested in Mascherano at one point during the summer but the club is no longer looking to sign him, however, it has been said that Barcelona have put a bid in to acquire Mascherano from LFC.

According to reports from The Guardian, it was said that the Spanish champions have put together a bid of €15 million for his services and have included Alexander Helb and Martin Caceres as well. But this is not what Liverpool are seeking as they have said to reject the offer and want a flat-out €30 million with no player exchanges.

So what now for Liverpool ?

Lucas is said to be the player who will be looking to replace Mascherano in the midfield and as far as negotiating a deal, it looks like Liverpool are pretty firm at just wanting €30 million for Mascherano. Although the price seems to be a little to steep for Barcelona as they only offered half that plus 2 players, the future of the Argentinian is not known at this moment.

My thought on the situation is now being that Mascherano is definitely looking like he is not going to play for Liverpool anymore, Barcelona should try and make a offer again. Although I can see why Liverpool want just the money, I think €20-23 million plus Alexander Helb should be an offer that both sides can agree with. Messi already feels that he will be a great addition to the club and having someone like Mascherano can definitely be helpful because he is just one of the best in his positions. I don’t blame Liverpool doing all they can to try and keep Mascherano but when it has gotten to this point, you have to just part ways for the player and just get what you can.

Think Mascherano is wrong for going on strike? Where will he end up? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.