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Mascherano Could Join Inter

San Siro - derby di championsIf you’re a fan of the EPL then it’s never good when one of your best players is learning Italian in their free time.  It’s okay if they can speak Italian, but certainly not begin to learn it.  Well right now it is being reported that Javier Mascherano is doing exactly that.  And the Liverpool man is one of the few bright spots left on the debt riddled Reds roster.

And why would Mascherano be learning Italian?  Because he is linked in a move to Inter Milan of course.  Inter Milan sporting director Marco Branca made this comment regarding the potential transfer of the Argentine defensive midfielder joining his Serie A side:

I can say that he is a great player.  There are good players that we can take and others that cannot be taken. It depends from the requests of the clubs. Our image has grown a lot on a global level and the champions want to play for us.

And to land a player as good as Mascherano money will truly have to talk loudly, but with the trend going at Liverpool that might be exactly what happens.  And Inter Milan would be the perfect home for Mascherano.  The organization is well known for their South American defensive minded stars from last season and Mascherano would join fellow Argentina national team counterpart Javier Zanetti if he was added to the squad.

And here is what Zanetti had to say about the potential signing of the young Mascherano:

He’s a great player, who wins back a lot of balls.  He would be well suited to Inter.

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax