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Marco Borriello Delighted With Juventus Chance

juveHaving already completing his anticipated loan move to Juventus earlier this week, Marco Borriello, cant hide his excitement and expectation with his new club as the player believes that the Bianconeri could help him regain his top form.

Despite failing to impress As Roma’s new coach, Luis Enrique, Borriello, has a pretty high hopes that things would finally worked out for him in Turin as a good performance might gives him a slim shot at making into the Euro 2012.

However, Borriello admitted that he doesn’t want to set up any personal goals as just yet and simply want to just blend in with his new club fist before taking things into the next step. The former Ac Milan striker also can’t wait to have a much more serious discussion with the Old Lady’s tactician, Antonio Conte, as the two haven’t really see each others despite already shared some conversations via telephone.

“I am truly honoured to be here, They’re certainly a balanced team, solid, battling, with hunger and they always play with added rhythm. I hope that this team will enable me to express my qualities in the best possible way. I’ll immediately look to immerse myself in the group’s mentality and do the best I possibly can. I don’t want to state my objectives, but I certainly want to reach the maximum. We’ve spoken on the phone (with Conte), but we haven’t discussed my tactical role. When we meet here on January 9, we’ll speak about it then,” Borriello revealed.

The Italian international could actually joined Juventus in the summer of 2010 but he opted Roma instead at that time, not that he arrived in Turin, there were several minor voices about how the player changes his mind. Trying to set the story straight, Borriello revealed that back than his decision to play for the Giallorossi is not because he rejected Juventus but more of a situational thing as the capital club offers more security at that time.

Borriello revealed that Roma were able to provide a future guarantee with a permanent offer while the Turin giant, were not able to give what the striker was expecting at that time. However, the story doesn’t turned out very well for the ex-Genoa man as this season he isn’t being considered as part of the Giallorossi’s future plan and finally he arrived at the club which could’ve been his destination a season before.

“I’d like to tell the fans that I never turned Juventus down, because Juventus is a club that you can’t say no to. I can only say that at that particular time a permanent transfer was the preferred option and therefore an agreement couldn’t be reached with Milan, so I never turned Juventus down,” Borriello added.


Creative Commons License photo credit: _bianconero