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Marchisio Content To Stay At Juventus

MArchisioAfter series of speculation about his future hits the media lately finally Juventus’ midfielder Claudio Marchisio speaks out about everything regarding his contract trouble issue with his club.

Speaking to Italian paper, La Gazetta dello Sport, Marchisio confirmed that there was never any problems with the Bianconeri management and that he is not in a rush to discuss about a new deal with his team.

“There has never been a contract problem and there is no hurry on my part. Eventually we’ll talk about an adjustment, certainly not a extension,” Marchisio told La Gazetta. “I am not fed up with Juve. I am not looking for another experience. And I angry because things have come out that aren’t true.”

Marchisio also revealed that his latest statement on Facebook about his future should not be taken seriously claiming that he doesn’t put the exact words that time. That statement was probably one of the main reasons that triggered speculation about the possibility of the Italian international leaving Juve soon because both parties can’t reach an agreement about the player’s contract.

“I might have made a mistake in writing that phrase, but Facebook is only an instrument to stay in touch with the fans. I repeat: I want to go and meet the club and stay here because I am very tied to Juventus. And I know that Juve are tied to me,” Marchisio added.

Earlier this month there were rumors surrounding the Italian media stating that Marchisio might be thinking of leaving Juventus because there has been a problem in his contract talks with the Bianconeri’s management. It was stated that the Italian international player wanted the club to re-adjust his wages considering his importance for the team and the fact that he has made a career breakthrough by entering the national team in the last world cup.

However, since there haven’t been any official confirmation from Juve about a new deal for Marchisio the rumors suggested that the player might be considering his future at another club. Among few candidates revealed by the media, last season treble winning side, Inter Milan, are being named as the strongest candidates to take the 24-years-old midfielder from Turin.

Considering the strong attachment of Juventus with Italian talents and the fact that Marchisio is still an important player on Luigi Del Neri’s tactical set up, it looks like the reports connecting him with Inter is nothing more than a rumor. The 24-years-old midfielder has also been one of the fans favorites especially after the fact that he was one of the Turin giant’s brightest act last season despite of the Bianconeri’s awful achievement in the league.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Francesco Gernone