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Maradona Will Remain Argentina National Team Coach

Maradona Hand of GodGood news for all of those that enjoy being entertained.

Diego Maradona is reportedly returning to his Argentina national team as head coach. And the man that once told FIFA to “suck it” should be on the sidelines for his side’s August 11th match against the most unlucky team in the world, Ireland.

And thank God that the Hand of God legend is returning because things might have gotten a little dull if Maradona decided to retire from coaching. I mean this is the same guy that makes any press conference interesting. I can’t even name how many people the controversial coach called out this summer, but my personal favorite was how he told Pele to “go back to the museum” when he spoke out about his side’s lack of a chance of winning this summer.

The truth is Maradona involves way too much of a circus type of act in his press conferences and his behavior on the sideline is often ridiculous. That tussle with some rowdy German fans after that 4-0 quarterfinals beat down was flat out silly and should have never happened. Coaches have to avoid hecklers even when the match is all said and done.

But Maradona, despite his flaws, is one of those guys you don’t want to walk away from the game because his story is fascinating to see unfold. The man is so well respected in his homeland that politicians are currently debating honoring the living legend with a monument in Buenos Aires. Many love him for his past success, but some are beginning to detest the man due to his bizarre coaching tactics and roster selections.

For better or worse Maradona is here to stay and of course he is going to do things his way.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Paolo Camera