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Maradona Has Something to Prove

Graffiti of Diego Armando Maradona.Diego Maradona is not your typical World Cup coach.  In fact labeling the former legendary player as strange might be considered a compliment. 

The Argentine manager was suspended in the fall for two months by FIFA for using foul language in a press conference (he told FIFA to suck it), he also recently referred to his star player as playing a kickabout with Jesus, he also claimed he would streak through Buenos Aires in the buff if his team wins the tournament this summer, and during the WCQ he called up well over 100 players to don the light blue and white striped jerseys of Argentina’s national team.  Not to mention that he also just told the world’s most famous footballer, Pele, to go back to a museum for being critical of his managing tactics. 

But when it comes to winning World Cup titles there are very few men that are on the level that Maradona is and although the Hand of God star has never proven himself in his new found career of a manager, this summer could likely be one to remember for the Argentina side.  As I stated earlier, Maradona certainly doesn’t manage his side by the books and he certainly doesn’t worry about what the critics think either (even Pele).

Right before the start of the tournament the controversial coached announced the unthinkable.  Maradona shifted his side’s formation from a 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3.  Such a move so close to World Cup kickoff is considered asinine by most critics of the most beautiful game and between his bizarre tactical management, record number of players on his WCQ team, and lackluster results in the qualifier several people had the Argentina squad marked as a team likely to disappoint this summer.

Well think again football fans! 

After their second match in Group B Argentina has already clinched a second round berth with six points off of two victories.  Today against South Korea, the Argentine squad dominated the match scoring four goals and making each one look even easier then the previous one scored.  The team passed and finished better then just about any team we have seen so far in the tournament and a team that was often considered a group of individuals is truly playing like an unselfish team.

There still is a long way to go, but the outspoken coach has his team locked in for the knockout round stages of the tournament.  Of course Maradona can’t take all the credit.  After all it never hurts when you have a Soccer Jesus on your side. 

Creative Commons License photo credit: Diego_3336