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Maradona Can Look Forward To The World Cup

Creative Commons License photo credit: superturtle

He might be ready to recreate the glory days…

Diego Maradona’s Argentina club defeated Germany–in Munich!–(1-0) on Wednesday to really give the Argentinians a lift coming into the World Cup

I love what Maradona had to say about it and it gives me alot of confidence about how well Argentina will perform in the World Cup–with Leo Messi, the world’s best player.

“This game had the character of a World Cup quarter-final and this is the level we were looking for.  Maybe the press in Argentina won’t like it, but we are going to play a very good World Cup in South Africa.”

I’m not sure what the press in Argentina could NOT like about a win over Germany IN Germany, but I love that he got the feeling of a Quarterfinal match.  He should know, right!?

Maradona has been given a gift from heaven because he’s got a team that just beat a serious contender.  They won that match on the road.  The match was intense, and the Germans gave Argentina a great deal of respect afterwards.  Joachim Low said:

“They were very dangerous when they came forward.”

Coming from the German coach I’d say that that means alot. 

Maradona also said that the next step is to reduce his roster from 30 to 23.  He admitted that this will be difficult, but I think he can point to this match and make pretty firm decisions about who stays and who goes.  Yes, substitutions are important in Soccer, but they are not the “end-all-be-all” of the matches.  You have to put out a starting lineup that can set a tempo and control the ball.  Then you need a couple guys who can come in and surprise the other team.  That’s all.

If I were Diego I wouldn’t be very concerned.  Plus, he’s going to have a great leader on the field–Leo Messi–and his own experience winning the 1986 World Cup to help carry this club. 

I was doubting the Argentinians at one point but this win, Maradona’s genuine delight at the match’s outcome, and the fact that they carry a strong leader makes me wonder exactly how deep Argentina can go.

I might have to rethink my group predictions 🙂