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Manchester United insist new Wayne Rooney rumours are not true

Just when Manchester United believed the matter had been closed and all rumours had been put to bed a new story emerges and the rumours about Wayne Rooney’s future begin to circulate again.

This time the story alleges that Manchester United and Wayne Rooney engineered and then agreed on a particular contract extension that would see Wayne Rooney quickly collect a multi million pound sum and Manchester United would strengthen their claims to his future and thus guarantee a high transfer value. The next part of the deal would see Manchester United sell the player, as Wayne Rooney himself desired, only this time the club would receive a far larger transfer fee, because of the security of his new contract.

Wayne Rooney, this way, would collect a bonus from Manchester United, a clause included in his new contract, and he would still be able to negotiate a massive wage increase and signing on fee with any potential new club, such as Manchester City. Simply put, the rumour states that thanks to Wayne Rooney’s signature on the new contract the club can realise a far larger transfer fee from his sale and the player can realise two huge payments, instead of just one.

A deal that works for the benefit of both parties. Upon hearing this rumour Manchester United have quickly released a semi-official statement indicating that the story is not true and that, on the contrary to the reports, Manchester United will not be selling Wayne Rooney in the summer of 2011 and the player no longer desires a move away from the club. The rumour is typical of the type of story that has been appearing in the past ten days concerning Wayne Rooney’s future.

Even if the story were true most would expect Manchester United to officially denounce it as false, in order to maintain credibility and a sense of Manchester United being run as a football club as opposed to a business where profit surmounts everything else, including the morale of players in the squad who would no doubt be affected by such shenanigans surrounding a colleague of theirs on the training ground. Wayne Rooney has not been in good form this season and has scored only one goal for his club, which arrived from the penalty spot. Manchester United are undefeated but have drawn far too many matches for their own liking, surrendering advantages against West Brom, Everton and Fulham.

The club did manage to return to winning ways in the Premiership on Sunday against Stoke City, whom they defeated 2-1 thanks to two goals from the Mexican forward Javier Hernandez, usually known as Chicharito.