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Manchester City to close in Yaya Toure deal

With Ivory Coast now out of the picture in the World Cup, it seems as if Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure, will be making his move to Manchester City by the end of the week.

Confirmed by Toure’s agent, Dimitri Seluk, he went on to state that Toure is set to make a move to Manchester City in just a few days. Playing alongside brother, Kolo Toure, Yaya will get his wish of getting more playing time as he will be a key player for Manchester City and will see the pitch a lot more than at Barcelona.

Dimitri Seluk went on to state the following to Sport :

“I think we will have a solution this week. In fact, I would say that (it will be done) on the first or second of July – maybe on the second because the first will be a very busy day at Barca with the change of president. Yes, we have to talk, but of course, the reality is not going to change in one moment. Yaya wants to play the important games and he knows that he will be an important player at Manchester City. It is not a money problem, as I have said 1,000 times, but a problem of the lack of confidence that Barca have in him. I haven’t signed anything. However, Yaya doesn’t have an astronomical salary, not at all, so it won’t be difficult to be reach an agreement,.”

It doesn’t take a lot to sign a player like Yaya, he loves to play Soccer and unlike a few other players, he just wants to be on the field and play the game. The face that he is worth a good amount of money is just a plus for the Ivory Coast midfielder, and the fact that his brother will be alongside him at Manchester City only sweeten the deals.

Do I think Barcelona may have made a mistake in losing Toure?

Honestly No, although someone of his caliber can be very valuable to the club, Barcelona is not the type of club to dwell about a player leaving the club because many other mid-fielders will be lining up to take his spot. If Pep was not giving Yaya the minutes he was hoping to get then Yaya had no choice but to leave the club. However, I don’t see both clubs reaching a agreement difficult, and it will be done soon.

What’s your take on the situation? Sad to see Yaya Toure leave Barcelona or happy to see him go to Manchester City? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.