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Manchester City a few steps away from acquiring Yaya Toure

With Manchester City already keen on signing Yaya Toure from Barcelona and with Toure already stating his desire in leaving Barcelona due to the lack of playing time received at Camp Nou, it now seems that Manchester City are just a few steps away from signing the midfielder as they look to put the finishing touches on the deal.

It has been reported that Manchester City are set to make an estimated transfer fee of 21 million euros for the Ivory Coast star in which it should be enough for Toure to make his way to the Eastlands in the next coming season.

Although Chelsea and Arsenal were said to be interested in singing Toure as well, it seems that Toure will rather be at Manchester City where he will be playing with his brother, Kolo Toure.

The deal should be done soon, as Ivory Coast are all but finished in the World Cup. Once Toure returns back to his club, the deal should be all but ready for Toure to be making the switch to Manchester City.

However, Joan Oliver – Barcelona director general – has also stated that even though the deal is coming close to an end, they are not looking to rush the process.

Joan Oliver went on to say the following on Barcelona’s official website :

“We’re trying to do this properly and without haste. We’re trying to make it the best operation for the club regardless of when it happens.”

Think Yaya Toure will be able to get a majority of the playing time if he makes his way to Manchester City? Do you see Barcelona changing their mind and decide to keep the Ivory Coast star? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.