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Man of the Match, Luca Antonini Being Modest Over Performance

Ac Milan’s full back, Luca Antonini, who has been receiving many minor voices since last season showed up a spirited performance which earned him the man of the match tag in the game against Barcelona.

Although feeling honored with the acknowledgment of his performance from UEFA, Antonini opted to praise his teammates especially Massimo Ambrosini instead of taking the credit for himself.

“They people from UEFA gave me the man of the match prize and in a game like this one, that just fills me with satisfaction. I’m happy most of all for the way that we played, Ambrosini was a real gladiator here tonight, he fought for every ball both in defense and attack,” Antonini said.

Moreover, explaining about his heroic defending in the game, Antonini admitted that luck also played a big part of his success, especially in making an inch perfect tackle on Alexis Sanchez in the first half. The defender also hope that the result would give some confidence for Milan ahead of their trip to Nou Camp, eying for a shot at getting through into the next round, despite the fact that it will be a very difficult task indeed.

“I saved a goal on Sanchez as I had the timing and the reflexes to slide in on time and take the ball away from him. A bit of skill and a bit of luck. We took them on and stayed with them head to head and that gives us the strength to go to the Nou Camp and play for the qualification for the semi finals,” Antonini stated.

The left back also commented about the poor pitch conditions that’s being moaned by Barcelona players, stating that Milan also suffered the same problems in the pitch as they were also slipping and couldn’t make more accurate passing. Antonini was pretty much saying a right thing though as the pitch actually affected both teams instead just one side as the Rossoneri also have talented players who could do quality things with the ball.

“The pitch was bad, it didn’t allow us to play as we know how to, you could see it with that chance that Emanuelson had, but we were even stronger than the pitch!” the left back said.