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Man City Scores Robinho, Chelsea Weeps

Real Madrid has sent Robinho to Man City and the only person more upset about the move than Ramon Calderon is Mr. Abramovich. Real Madrid wanted to keep him, Chelsea so coveted him, but now the young Brazilian is Mark Hughes’ weapon.

I doubt Calderon ever wanted to lose Robinho. Wanting to get rid of a kid with those skills? No way. Calderon may be blind, but he’s not stupid.

No, Calderon only sold Robinho because the price was so sweet. It’s reported to be four years, 32.5 million pounds. Not too shabby. Since Robinho’s heart was no longer in Madrid, it can only be a good thing for Mr. Calderon that Robinho has been removed.

City needed a big signing too and its no mistake that the signing of Robinho was announced almost simultaneously with the news the club had been sold to some businessmen from Abu Dhabi.

Robinho is a special player though. He’s been electric at every level. Capello never thought much of him, which means something, but he also never really let him play his game. Maybe Man City will. Man City’s already perched at #3, the addition of Robinho will only strengthen their chances of having a breakthrough season.

The reason Real lost Robinho was that they made it all too clear to him that he was merely a pawn in their plan to acquire Cristiano Ronaldo. Once he knew he was expendable, he decided to leave for a destination where he would be treated as the star, and not the bait dangled before the star’s club.

But it wasn’t all his decision. Robinho fell out favor quickly with Real. Why?

Well, Robinho and fellow Brazilian Ronaldhino both pissed off their club teams mightily. They were both suspended by their respective clubs after they had missed their flights from Brazil back to Spain after partying with teammates into the early morning after Brazil’s 5-0 win over Ecuador. Reports alleged that Robinho was seen exiting a party with several women and that he had asked a security guard for 40 condoms before leaving.

Forty condoms? My God!

Robinho immediately makes Man City much more dangerous though. Both on the pitch, and apparently, in the bedroom. Forty condoms? Really? 

Meanwhile, Chelsea is forced to continue with only Essien, Lampard, Drogba, Ballack, Malouda, Deco, Carvalho, Anelka, Cech, both Coles… How unfair…

I don’t weep for Mr. Abramovich. Not one tear.