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Mali Official Receives Timeout

Heimspiel - home gameMost people don’t know who Koman Coulibaly is.  But if I mention USA-Slovenia any dunce would tell me all about the idiot that blew the game winning goal dead.  That idiot goes by the name Koman Coulibaly and it looks like FIFA my have iced the Mali official for the rest of the tournament.

Coulibaly’s only experience on the pitch since the terrible call was as a sideline official for a match nearing the end of last week.  in other words a job that children and parents used to do at my youth soccer matches.  And I would be shocked if the inept official was given the head referee duties again anytime soon and it appears that earlier this week FIFA elected to give the controversial figure a few extra unexpected days off.  I realize FIFA has extremely strict policies regarding their officials and in fact they refuse to openly discuss their previously made mistakes (why because they know they looked foolish), so expecting immediate action done to the Mali official just isn’t realistic, but what has one Yank scratching his head was why does Mali have a representive for the World Cup in the first place?

After all the nation has never made the World Cup final and holds literally no significance to any tournament ever played across the globe.  I realize the first ever African World Cup wants some people representing the event in Africa, but can’t we at least get a ref from a country that has a past experience at such a big event.  My only point is that the United States has zero officials represented in South Africa and New Zealand has two.  Well the US is slightly bigger then the Kiwi nation, so why is it that way?

I realize some people have the dream of officiating a World Cup match and they might come from an unknown football nation and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t get the chance to do it, but Mali?  I mean was Luxemburg’s best man already too busy?

I don’t blame Koman Coulibaly all on his own for the terrible decision that put the Yanks second round hopes in serious jeopardy, but FIFA for hiring the guy in the first place.  If it is the biggest tournament in the world with the best and brightest players then it should have a group of officials that equally match the player’s respected resumes.  The ref’s for the World Cup should be men that regularly officiate Champions League, EPL, La Liga, and any other credible league’s matches.

Only the best and the brightest just like the players on the pitch they are judging.  It’s that simple.

Just chalk it up on the long list of mistakes FIFA.  Because the one good bit of news for Koman Coulibaly is that he isn’t the only referee that blew a big call this Cup.  The list is getting quite long. 

 Creative Commons License photo credit: marfis75