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MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

MLS Power Rankings (04/07)

  1. DC United (last week 1): You win 4-1, you stay #1. No questions asked.
  2. Chivas USA (last week 2): Special K is perhaps one of the brightest young talents, if not the brightest young talent, in the entire league. The Goats did what they were supposed to against RSL.
  3. Kansas City (last week 5): Last week I lamented about “Poor Sealy” and how he fell down the depth chart so fast. Well, coming off the bench in the second half, Sealy slotted home the game winner. Well done! See, you don’t have to do it all with Argentines.
  4. Chicago Fire (last week 7): How can you not love a win like that. Frankowski looks Frantastic and Blanco is playing like the MVP I predicted he would be. If Barrett contributes like last week every week, the rest of the East, including United, is toast.
  5. Colorado Rapids (last week 6): How do you lose and move up? By losing to a higher ranked team in a close game. Sure, the team that starred in last week’s dressing down of the Hollywood Gals looked vastly different from the one that couldn’t stop KC’s offense from scoring early and often. I still think they’re better than advertised though.
  6. New England Revolution (last week 3): Uh oh. That sure was ugly. Joseph looked frustrated out there, which is no good. This team needs Steve Ralston back even more than Taylor Twellman.
  7. Houston Dynamo (last week 4): I can’t remember the last time Houston scored three goals in a game they didn’t end up winning. They were even lucky to come away with a point here. Kinnear needs his defense to return to form, or it will be a harsh reality for Houston fans to deal with to not win another title.
  8. New York Red Bulls (last week 9): I wanted to see what they were capable of and they proved it convincingly by blanking the Crew sans Altidore. Angel is probably the craftiest player in the league and he alone is worth 15 points on the year-end table.
  9. FC Dallas [last week 8]: This team has the bones to compete with anybody on offense. It’s the defense that needs to step up. Giving up a stoppage time equalizer? Bad. Scoring an own goal? Bad. The Burn’s investment in defense has yet to pay dividends.
  10. Columbus Crew (last week 10): The offense didn’t look as hot against NYRB as it did against TFC. If you think that was the most obvious statement ever, you’re right. Those youngsters just are not as consistent as they need to be yet.
  11. Los Angeles Galaxy (last week 14): Playing in an atmosphere less than a mile high (I’m talking about the HDC, not Alexi Lalas), the Gals, or more specifically Donovan and Beckham, played with (gasp) chemistry and beat the new Quakes.
  12. Real Salt Lake (last week 11): They looked great so I moved ‘em up. They look like they did against Chivas, and they must go back down. In their defense though, they nearly came back on the Goats. This team is improving, but there is still a way to go.
  13. Toronto FC (last week 12): Yikes. This team has so little offense and so little chance of actually competing, I have to start to wonder when their maniacal fans will realize it.
  14. San Jose Earthquakes (last week 13): At the end of the day, the Quakes looked exactly like we thought they would: not so bad in the back but atrocious up front. In their defense, they were robbed of a goal in the 2nd minute. Momentum is a bitch.

Player of the Week for Week 2? Who else?

Jimmy Conrad!!!

Jimmy scored two goals in two minutes after not scoring a goal in MLS for… literally… years. Congrats Jimmy. Your case of Pabst Blue Ribbon (well, 10 or so of the original 24) is on its way! Enjoy!