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Major League Soccer in Philadelphia?

The City of Brotherly Love is planning construction on a new stadium in hopes of landing a MLS franchise. A portion of a recent $47 million state funding package will help fund the building of a new soccer stadium on the banks on the Delaware River not far from Philadelphia. The stadium will be located in the city of Chester and seat 18,500 spectators. The nest step is to try to get a MLS franchise in the area.

Chester is a city that has been neglected for some time and the new plans for the stadium, as well as office buildings, homes, and shops, are seen as a way to revitalize the economy in the area. The area is to be called the Riverfront and the total package for the entire urban development project is $414 million.

Philadelphia is not the only city that is looking to bring in a Major League Soccer franchise. The St. Louis suburb of Collinsville is also in the running for a MLS expansion franchise. This year the San Jose Earthquakes will begin play in the MLS and Seattle will have a MLS team next year. The league recently stated that Philadelphia is an attractive market and that the city is taking the right steps to get a franchise. Currently there are 14 teams in the MLS, while Seattle will be the 15th in 2009, both Philadelphia and St. Louis are hoping their city will be the 16th. Currently Philadelphia is ahead of St. Louis because of the recent announcement of the building of a brand new stadium. As the popularity of the MLS continues to grow more cities will want to have a MLS franchise.

Author: Jason Green